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A Great Credentialing Team is crucial to any medical provider wanting to join health plan panels; whether you are a new provider who is just starting out or an existing practice or individual provider wanting to make demographic changes. 

License Applications and Renewals

Whether it is a medical license, DEA registration, or malpractice insurance that is needed, we can submit your application or renewal in a timely fashion so that your credentials are always current.


We offer expert credentialing services to both solo and group practices.

Health Plan Credentialing

We submit credentialing applications to all health plans in your region on your behalf via the most efficient method; whether it is mail, email, or online entry.  We also make sure that your CAQH file is up-to-date with current with accurate information for those plans using CAQH.  We not only submit your applications, we follow up to make sure the process is running smoothly and your application is meeting the timelines.  With our easy and convenient reporting process you are never out of the loop.  You can access your information and status reports whenever you need an update, or you can contact one of our expert credentialing specialist to answer any questions you may have. 

Hospital Applications

We have years of experience completing hospital privileges applications for first time applicants as well as currently privileged providers. 

CAQH and NPI Maintenance

We will load your information in the CAQH database and generate an NPI number for you. 

Our team monitors your CAQH files to make sure your data is correct, current, and up-to-date. 

We also apply for NPI numbers for the provider and entity (if applicable); making sure your information correctly identifies you specialty.

No credentialing service is too small or too large. Whether you only need to revalidate your Medicare enrollment or you need to be credentialed with all the health plans in your area, we can help. 

We know that every step you take towards increasing your presence with health plan panels is a step toward growing your practice.   We offer our services at affordable rates while providing excellent service.

Expert Credentialing

JM Bowen Consulting, L.L.C.


Whether you've been in practice for 20 years or just starting out, we can help you build your practice.  Our full service consulting team can assist you in setting up your practice from the ground up.  We not only handle credentialing, we handle staffing, build outs, and medical billing.  Let us get you started off on the right foot.  Your success is our success!